Tony Pigford set my life on a whole new trajectory.

I was a struggling student, trying to act extra tough so people couldn’t tell how vulnerable I was. My grandmother, who raised me, was being placed in a long term care facility back in Kansas City. My world was upside down. My attitude was horrible, my grades were horrible.

Tony didn’t give up on me. He wasn’t fooled or put off by my front. He was the Student Voice & Leadership Coordinator for DPS at the time. He helped me find my way to Manual High School. He was there when I found what made me tick: community organizing and policy leadership.

Call me cheesy, but I think there is something special about him and me running for office at the same time. He is running for Denver City Council At-Large, and I am running for Denver School Board At-Large. His election is May 7th, so he’ll still have plenty of time to knock doors for me over the summer before my November election :).

Tony was one of the people who really taught me the power of relationship. He changed my life, just by getting to know me and helping me along. I hope I can be half the (old) man he is one day.