Meet Director Anderson

Hello Neighbors, 


My name is Tay Anderson and I am your At-Large Director on the Denver School Board!


Over four years ago, I was in a student leadership retreat trying to find my voice as a student. I was told that Manual High School would be forced to co-locate due to low enrollment. School Board Member - Happy Haynes said “This decision has already been made by the School Board and you all need to tell your peers this is happening.” I didn’t agree with this so I stood up and asked “How do we get a student on the School Board to represent our voices.” She replied “You need to be 18 years old and run like the rest of us.” 


Now, four years have passed and I have now been elected to replace Happy Haynes on the Denver School Board. I am a DPS educator, community organizer, and DPS graduate.


My entire career has been about serving the people of Colorado -- I have served in leadership roles in the Colorado Democratic Party, gun violence prevention boards, and in the Colorado House of Representatives.


I ran with you. You ran with me. Now we serve Denver Public Schools together. I am a direct product of the public school system in Denver.  I have lived through the FAILED policies of Denver Public Schools as a student and a former educator. I have experienced first-hand how hard it is to navigate the “choice” system. I understand what it means to have to choose between lunch or a bus ticket. I want to ensure that all students have a thriving neighborhood school, all educators are paid a living wage, and to give the School Board back to the people of Denver. 


Finally, I will fight to bring your voices to the Denver School Board. I hope you will join me as we begin to build a brighter future for all Denver students! 

- Director Tay Anderson